What We Do

Modail Mara builds customised solutions to make your data valuable and useful.

We have found that many producers, support companies, and industry bodies, collect a wealth of data but, for a variety of reasons, aren't taking advantage of the potential. Data isn't easily accessible, isn't being used to inform decisions, or isn't being used to tell the stories that the industry wants to tell. 

Examples of Our Work

  • Data repository for  wild and farmed sea lice
    The data repository allowed industry to collect all their historical data about sea lice, from both farm monitoring and wild sampling. The repository provided a single, accessible source, which facilitated telling evidence-based stories about environmental impact of farming in the area. 
  • On demand data analysis 
    Clients often need quick answers that can only come from analysis of large data sets. This is especially true while generating reports or in conversation with other organisations. We have often provided this kind of support.
  • Predictive modelling
    We have built predictive models that allow producers to try out strategy ideas, to see how they work out in the safe environment of the model.
  • Risk analysis modelling
    Disease spread can be catastrophic, yet the cost of securing everything is untenable. Through risk analysis modelling, we can help to identify the most likely routes of transmission, and hence where the focus should be.


Email: info@modailmara.ca 

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